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About The Judgment Institute

We are dedicated to the enforcement of money judgments. We purchase your judgment on a “future pay” basis, without application fees or up-front costs of any kind.

We have the resources, experience and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get. 

We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover hidden assets and/or sources of income and take whatever steps are necessary to seize them.

Top reasons why people give up:

Massive Amounts of Paperwork

"I get lost trying to figure out all the forms and stuff that the Court needs."

Dead Beat Debtors

"I don't know where the Defendant is located."
"I don't have the time to go after the shyster."

Money Related

"I already paid an Attorney to get me the judgment, now, they want more money from me to collect on my own judgment! I just don't want to throw good money after bad."


What We Offer

Unlike many of our competitors who perform judgment enforcement on the side as part time, we are a team of full-time judgment enforcement specialists.

Federal Judgment Enforcement

Civil Unlimited Judgment Enforcement

Civil Limited Judgment Enforcement

Civil Unlawful Detainer Judgment Enforcement

Small Claim Money Judgments

Registered Process Servers

Judgment Institute Introduction (3:58)

What is the Judgment Institute and what do we do?

Judgment Enforcement for Landlords (2:50)

An example of a judgment enforcement procedure involving common landlord issues.

The Largest Judgment Enforcement Firm in the Country

Benefits of Working with The Judgment Institute

Hire the Best

"MrGrey" is the top expert in judgment enforcement. The only judgment enforcement instructor who is still active in the business.

Get Paid

Beware of judgment enforcers and lawyers who only use the most basic strategies. Don't loose money by letting your judgment expire.

Fully Certified

Our judgment enforcement specialists are fully trained with on-going monthly instruction to maintain skills and knowledge.


Cumulative Years of Experience




Judgment Success Rate


Management Associates

Meet the Founder

GR Isidro "MrGrey"

Master Judgment Enforcer

“MrGrey” has been enforcing judgments since 2001 after a lawyer helped him to get a court judgment against a delinquent tenant. The problem is that the lawyer wanted to charge extra to enforce the judgment with no guarantee that “MrGrey” would get paid.

“MrGrey” decided to learn how to enforce his own court judgments. He learned 80% of all money judgments go uncollected. From humble beginnings, it has grown to be one of California’s most successful Judgment Recovery businesses.

Today, “MrGrey” is a well-known judgment enforcement educator and has successfully trained others to enforce their own judgments as well as start their own judgment enforcement businesses.

Member of California Association of Judgment Professionals (CAJP), the nation's premier judgment enforcement association.

We know how to locate judgment debtors and their assets.

We know how to seize those assets. ​

We know how to navigate our way through the often confusing Court system.

We bring justice through the enforcement of judgments!

Leadership Team

Most people in the judgment enforcement business do not get results because the work alone or they only do the business part-time. After becoming a top judgment enforcement trainer, “MrGrey” created an organization to make judgment enforcement services available to more people.

Lead Managing Associate

Lead Managing Associate

Lead Managing Associate

Managing Associate

Judgment Enforcement FAQ

It depends…it is a case by case basis. Being a big fan of boxing, “MrGrey” treats each case as if it is a 12-round boxing match and is willing to go the distance to enforce your judgment using all available strategies that lawyers usually charge a fortune for.

You could, however, very few specialize in judgment enforcement. There are many areas of the law. If you needed heart surgery, you wouldn’t go to a back surgeon, right? For example, an eviction attorney specializes in evicting tenants and getting judgments on them, however, they only use the most basic strategies to actually get paid on those judgments. Strategies you can actually do yourself. Hiring an attorney could possibly mean throwing good money after bad.

“MrGrey” has been enforcing judgments on a full time basis since 2001. There very few full-time judgment enforcement specialists. He has full access to all judgment enforcement methods. You don’t want to be stuck with a part-timer who doesn’t have time to go to the courthouse to use the most advanced methods to enforce judgments.

Yes, because Mr. Grey does this on a full-time basis, he is able to go to the courthouse regularly to use advanced strategies to enforce judgments. Most judgment professionals and lawyers only use the easiest methods of judgment recovery which people can do themselves.
Typically, there are extra challenges in the judgment recovery of large judgments. Here are a few: people with a lot of money know how to hide their money better, they become hard to locate over time, and they usually have money to hire expensive lawyers making it impossible for an average person to collect on a large judgment.


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