Sarah Wolf

Lead Managing Associate

About Sarah

As a native Californian, Sarah graduated from the University of California Irvine.

She learned about the struggles landlords face when it is time to get paid on court judgments when dealing with delinquent tenants.

The worst experience you can have as a landlord is renting to a professional tenant. A person who has money for expensive luxuries and fancy cars, but never has money when it is time to pay the rent. Someone who knows how to take advantage of the system to get 3-5 months of free rent.

It is easy to get the court judgment, but there is no one to help you to get paid. When you hire someone, you assume they are going to help you get your money back.

In 2018, she met MrGrey. She learned the reasons why the people she hired have failed to get results.

She has become a valuable member of MrGrey’s judgment enforcement team collecting on court judgments using advanced techniques such as the judgment debtor exam.

Sarah is one of the lead trainers for MrGrey’s training program to train new judgment enforcement professionals and provide training so people can learn about judgment enforcement so they can get paid on their court judgments.